How do I search for Volunteer Opportunities?

Anyone has the ability to search for volunteer opportunities.  If you would like to have the option to save the project opportunities to review or apply to at a later date, or allow program/project sponsors to search for you based on your skill set, then you must create a profile.  Those who have already established a profile, can simply login using their username and password.


If you have established a profile, you may click on "Search Listings" found on the left hand side of your homepage.    If you have not established a profile, you may click on "Search Listings" found at the bottom of the My AmeriCorps login page.  You may search by either entering the criteria that fits your interests (Advanced Search), checking the boxes that apply, or by a specific AmeriCorps program (Quick Search).  After you have entered all the required information, hit the "Search" button to show all results that match your preferences.


All search results that match your specified criteria will appear as a list. The list will include the following categories: the program name, AmeriCorps Program Type, the start date, and the location of the project.. There will also be a brief summary about the program.  To receive more information, click on the name of the project, and the Project Description will appear.  The Project Description will feature a more detailed explanation of the project along with an Info Round-up box found at the right side of the page that contains basic facts, as well as contact information for the selected project.  If you are interested in applying for a project, just click on the "Apply" button located at the bottom of the Project Description page.  For more information on the application process, click on the link.  If you have created a profile and you do not want to apply at that moment, you may click the "Add to favorites" button, which allows you to come back at a later time.


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