How do I know the status of my application?

You may view the status of your application, by logging into your account and viewing the applications you have submitted on your homepage.  Next to each of the applications submitted will be a status that will indicate where you are in the application process.  The following are the possible application statuses and their definitions:


Submitted:  The applicant has submitted their application for a project, but it has yet to be reviewed by the AmeriCorps sponsor.


Under Review:  The applicant has submitted their application, and it is in the process of being reviewed by the AmeriCorps sponsor.


Selected:  The applicant has been selected for a certain project, and an offer to join has been extended.


Waitlisted: The applicant who is still waiting to hear whether they have been selected or rejected for a program.


Assigned: The applicant has been assigned to one of NCCC's regional campuses.


Withdrawn:  The applicant has withdrawn their application for a certain project, either because they have accepted to serve on another project or if they personally withdrew their application for consideration on a particular project.


Rejected: The applicant has not been selected to the project for which they applied.


Declined: The applicant has declined to participate in the NCCC program.


Disqualified: The applicant has been disqualified from serving in the NCCC program.


Deferred: The applicant has been deferred from serving in the NCCC program for medical and/or legal reasons, and may be reinstated in the application process in an upcoming term.


Pending State Office Approval: The applicant has accepted to serve on a particular project, but approval from state office has yet to be completed.


Approved:  The applicant has accepted to serve on a particular project, and the state office has approved.


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